Reaching Magdeburg

Magdeburg is the capital city of state Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Situated nearly in 160 KMs from Berlin, it is the nearest destination for travelling from India. Other than Berlin, the city can also be reached from Hamburg, Frankfurt and other international airports. For more information about reaching Magdeburg, please visit this page. Also, an added advantage is that both Bus Bahnof and Hauptbahnof are located next to each other in Magdeburg.

It is advisable to carry with you 1000 € – 1200 € either by cash or in part through travellers card. This might be necessary since it would take around 16 days to get your German bank account activated. Some options for carrying currency through a travellers card are:

  • Axis Bank – Single Currency
  • SBI Yatra Card
  • Cox & Kings

Keep in mind that this money would also be utilized in paying one month’s rent and the caution deposit as soon as you move in.

Internet connection can be found in the below mentioned places,

  • Airport
  • McDonalds
  • Subway
  • Burger King
  • Star Bucks

Try to connect to them and message in volunteering groups to assist you in reaching Magdeburg.

Travelling from India, you will reach Berlin-Tegel Airport. You have to board bus to reach the travelling centers like, Hauptbahnof(Train Station) or ZOB -Zentraler Omnibus bahnhof (Omni Bus station).  From there you can get direct connections towards Magdeburg.


Once you have collected your baggage and you came out of airport, you have to board a bus. You can follow the below mentioned picture to reach the bus stop. Also, the bus looks like the one in next picture.


You have to board the bus X9 and travel towards Zoo Garten HBF. You can buy bus tickets at the entrance of the airport or inside the bus. Below, is the Zoo Garten HBF.


Get inside the station. Now you can take ticket either in automat(See image) or from reisezentrum. The language in Automat can be changed to English. You can also print the train timings from the automat. Once you have got your ticket, you have to reach you right platform – Gleis in Deutsch.


All the information presented are gathered from the PDF available in the Magdeburg Indians Facebook group named – 1st thing to do, after getting out of the flight in berlin and collecting your bag.pdf . It has all the necessary information needed to travel from Berlin to Magdeburg. Please refer it for more information.

From HBF you have to cross city carre mall to reach tram stop. Once you are outside City carre, you will be at a junction. go straight and cross the junction, the tram stops will be towards your left.


From the tram stop you can take 4 or 1 trams to reach Opernhaus stop. It is 3rd stop from City-carre tram stop. Change to trams 1,9,10 and next stop is University.


-Referred excerpts from “1st thing to do, after getting out of the flight in berlin and collecting your bag.pdf” by Mothukuru Venu Madhav.

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