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Otto-Von-Guericke University is located in the serene and peaceful town of Magdeburg. Students here are not subjected to much distractions as in big cities. People here are friendly and speak more German than English. This presents an opportunity to learn language quicker. Magdeburg is also considered cost effective place for students compared to other cities. Approximate expenses in Magdeburg will be,

  • 250 € – House
  • 90 € – Insurance
  • 15 € – Mobile connection
  • 150 € – Food



For questions other than finding accommodation (visa, enrollment, insurance etc.) you can contact the staff at your faculty/course of study. There should be employees assisting new students in matters of any kind. Look for a contact‐address on the webpage of your specific faculty/course of studies. Also there are several guidelines addressing international incomings in Magdeburg. Just google “Magdeburg international student first step” or go to:


On an average it’s 250 euros, but it might turn out to be much cheaper if you choose shared accommodation.


There are some students appointed by the uni to help incoming students with accommodation issues, there are also students who might be vacating their current rooms and are looking for tenants. Staying updated in the group will help keep abreast of these things.

You can couch surf or stay in hostels temporarily until you get a permanent accommodation. There are lot of ways to book for them. Some of the couch surfing services are,

Also, you can search for rooms in the below sites for securing rooms in a hostel.

It is generally a good idea to show your letter of approval as a student to the personnel as (for example) you can save the membership‐fee in the youth‐hostel (jugendherberge) if you are a student.

RIA is a buddy program by STURA in University. You can register for their program in the link below,


Through this buddy programs you may be allotted buddies who will help you with getting around Magdeburg and your first steps. However no temporary accommodation provided.

Studentenwerk also reserves room for newcomers who arrives before semester. So, it should not be a difficult task to get accommodation after reaching Magdeburg. More information about them is given in the link below.


There is a good chance to get a room if you talk to the responsible persons on a day to day basis. The persons you need to talk to are given in the link below,


It is a good idea to be at their office 10 minutes before opening time because they operate on a ‘first come ‐ first serve’ basis.

This is the list with landlords that have special offers for students,

Furthermore, a lot of German students are renting their rooms for one or two semesters to go abroad themselves. These rooms are often furnished. (It is called “Zwischenmiete” in German.) In general you’ll find lots of offers for rooms in shared apartments (Wohngemeinschaften, short: WG) all over the city. For offers in that respect, check websites such as,

Some of those offers are written in English, but most of them will be in German. If you tell us some details, we can search through them and translate some relevant ones for you. Last but not least you can type “möblierte wohnung magdeburg” for furnished apartments or simply “wohnung magdeburg” for unfurnished ones into Google.

Arranging second hand furniture is fairly easy, thanks to an active second hand market. There are FB groups like IKUS Magdeburg (Second Hand),

Ikus Second Hand: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ikusmd.sh/

Buy & Sell @ Magdeburg: https://www.facebook.com/groups/517920071592503/
Verschenk´s Magdeburg: https://www.facebook.com/groups/verschenksmagdeburg/
or check out
Ebay Kleinanzeigen: https://www.ebay‐kleinanzeigen.de/s‐haus‐garten/magdeburg/c80l2227

you can use for this purpose.

House contract are mandatory for your stay in Magdeburg. You must register in Burger Buero with this house contract. If you are shifting to another place you will have a new contract and you have to re-register this new place. It is possible to enroll in university in March even if your contract is from April.


It is possible to request a German course to be taught in English. There should be enough number of students interested in the subject and they should request the Professor.

There is no structured or standard schedule for all students. A sample schedule looks like this. Each student picks his subject of interest and attends them. Also, it is not mandatory to attend all classes. However, few exercise classes will be mandatory.

Examinations are conducted via oral, written or open book tests. Mostly, all the examinations will test your understanding of the concepts and will be application oriented.

Internships can be applied for in various companies in and around Magdeburg. Usually, internships do not require German certificate. But, you are expected to have a good spoken knowledge in German. And, it is also possible to do thesis in companies as long as you have a examiner in university approving your request. You will be asked to present your final defense in University.

It is possible to change courses after your arrival given that your field is still the same. It is also possible to change university of choice in case the subjects are similar. The credits given in previous university is transferred as well.

If you are a tandem partner with a person then you both exchange knowledge with each other. You teach him/her the language of your choice or subject of your choice, in return he/she teaches you her area of expertise. Usually, people have tandem partner for learning German.

-Referred excerpts from MOM of Magdeburg Indians webinar 20th-Feb-2017 by Lalith Nag.

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