Debate Club : Session One

Debate Club: Session one

Date : 07-11-2016

Venue : Vilfredo-Pareto-Gebäude (G22) , magdeburg

As the organisation grows,it has become essential to diversify ourselves (Magdeburg Indians) in all directions .

Debate Club:India Edition is one of such initiative. This will serve as a platform to discuss various Indian issues and General issues in front of an open audience. Debating Rules apply.

Also, this will also serve as a training platform for Public speaking and Communication.

The Debate will always be with two teams debating each other.

TEAM SIZE- 4 per team(Due to limitation of time)

Only interests Matter. Nobody is going to Judge you as we are all students striving to acquire new skills everyday.

Time-4+1 Minutes for each member .Bell at 4 minutes.1 minute grace time.

Weightage for Audience votes. Weightage for coming out of the closet and presenting their ideas strongly.

*Snacks will be provided at the venue.This is planned out to be a bimonthly event.

Further Discussion will take place at the venue.

Kind Regards,
Magdeburg Indians

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